Selection Process 2024-2026

The selection of candidates for admission to the 2024-26 batch of MBA at Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM), IIT Kharagpur, is a two step process:

  1. Shortlisting for online Personal Interview (PI) based on the criteria mentioned in Section I
  2. Final selection of the candidates for admission based on a combined score comprising application rating (AR), CAT 2023 performance, and personal interview (PI) performance.


I. Stage I - Short-listing for Personal Interview (PI)

Attending the PI is a mandatory part of the admission process. The applicants are short-listed for PI based on CAT 2023 scores, past academic performance, and other criteria, as mentioned below. The applicants must have the minimum CAT 2023 percentile, as mentioned in (ref. Table 1), to be eligible to be considered for shortlisting for PI.

Table 1: Minimum CAT-2023 Percentile for shortlisting


Minimum Overall Percentile for Eligibility











For candidates satisfying the minimum CAT 2023 percentile eligibility criterion, the overall CAT 2023 scaled score out of 20 and Application Rating (AR) will be added to get the total score for shortlisting the applicants for the PI. Four marks will be added to the total scores of all female applicants for the Gender Diversity Factor (GDF). The Application rating considers the applicant’s academic performance (marks or grade points obtained) at various stages of academic progression, such as secondary (10th/matriculation), higher secondary (12th/intermediate), undergraduate (bachelor’s degree), and postgraduate (master’s degree, if any) levels, and professional qualification and work experience. The guidelines for Application Rating (AR) based on the candidate’s performance in percentage marks obtained in different academic degrees and for work experience and professional qualifications are provided in Tables 2.1 to 2.4.

Table 2.1: Application Rating (AR) scores for 10th and 12th Std. Exams

Percentage score in 10th Std. Exam

Rating Score A

Percentage score in 12thStd. Exam

Rating Score B

85% to 100%


85% to 100%


75% to <85%


75% to <85%


65% to <75%


65% to <75%




55% to <65%


Table 2.2: Application Rating (AR) scores for under and postgraduate degrees

Percentage score in B.Tech/BE./B.Pharma/Dual degree BTech-MTech/Dual-degree BTech-MS Exam

Rating Score C

Percentage score in BSc/B.Com/BA Exam

Rating Score D

Percentage score in MA(Eco)/M.Sc/M.Com/MCA Exam

Rating Score E

90% to 100%


80% to 100%


75% to 100%


80% to <90%


70% to <80%


65% to <75%


70% to <80%


60% to <70%


55% to <65%


60% to <70%






The applicants having two-year MTech/ME/MS/M.Pharma degree will get one additional mark. The applicants with professional qualifications will also get one additional mark. Further details are provided in Table 2.3.

Table 2.3: Application rating (AR) for postgraduate degree in engineering and professional exams


Rating Score F(max 02 marks)



Professional Qualifications*


*Only selected professional qualifications, namely CA (awarded by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), CS (awarded by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India), CMA (awarded by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India), CFA (awarded by the CFA Institute, USA) and FRM (awarded by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, USA) are considered.

Applicants with work experience will be rated (rating score G) based on the duration of their work experience as per the guidelines given in Table 2.4. Only the work experience gained after graduation will be considered for awarding scores for the work experience. Any work experience gained through training/projects/internship as part of curriculum requirements will not be considered.

Table 2.4: Application rating (AR) for work experiences

Experience in Days

Rating Score G




3+(no. of days-180)×0.003636*


5-(no. of days-730)×0.003646**



*=2/(730-180)= 0.003636
**=4/(1827-730)= 0.003646

For applicants continuing in service, the experience will be counted up to February 12, 2024, irrespective of the date they filled out the application form.

Note: For the qualifying/bachelor’s degree of the applicant, the percentage of marks awarded by University/Institution/College, as applicable, will be treated as final. If the University/Institution/College does not award the percentage of marks, it will be calculated on the basis of the marks obtained in all subjects listed in the marks-sheet submitted by the applicant. Candidates having CGPA are not allowed to make conversion to percentages. Even use of university/institute conversion formula is not permitted as IIT Kharagpur has its own formula for the same.

Cumulative grade point average (CGPA) performance will be converted into ‘marks percentage’ as shown below:

Marks Percentage = 60 + (40/3.5) x [(CGPA obtained / Total CGPA) x 10 – 6.5]

If the University/Institution/College does not award the percentage of marks or cumulative grade point average (CGPA), the percentage of marks will be calculated based on the marks obtained in all the subjects listed in the marksheets submitted by the applicant.

Note: The above conversion is only for computing the academic rating (AR). While submitting the application online, applicants should fill in the actual marks percentage/CGPA as provided by her/his University/Institution/College, as applicable. We will NOT accept any equivalence of conversion from CGPA to percentage marks provided by any individual universities/institution/college; in this case, the final and binding method of conversion will be as provided above.


II. Stage II - Final Selection and Offer of Admission to MBA

In the second stage of the admission process, final selection will be based on the cumulative score of the application rating (AR), performance in CAT 2023, and the candidate’s performance in online PI process. 10 marks will be given to all female applicants for GDF. The weightage given to different components for arriving at the final score is given in Table 3.

Table 3: Criteria and weights for final selection to MBA



Application Rating*


CAT 2023











*Total of rating scores (A+B+C+F+G) or (A+B+D+E+F+G)

The final offer of admission will be made on merit in each category. Barely fulfilling the minimum qualifying criteria as mentioned above would not guarantee a candidate for admission to the MBA program of VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur.

VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur reserves the right to make changes in the shortlisting and Selection Criteria, if considered necessary at any stage of the process.


How to apply:

After taking the CAT 2023 examination, domestic candidates seeking admission to the MBA programme must complete the following procedure:

Step 1: Complete the online application form available at the ERP portal of IIT Kharagpur, accessible through: The application form must be completed in all respects. Any incomplete form will automatically be rejected from further consideration.

Step 2: While submitting the online application form, make a payment for application fee (Rs. 1600 for General & NC-OBC candidates and Rs. 800 for SC/ST/PWD). Female candidates will be charged the same level of application fee as paid by male candidates of respective category. An applicant belonging to overseas category (non-domestic candidate) with valid GMAT score is required to apply through International Relations, IIT Kharagpur (

Last date for submission of online application is February 12, 2024 (Monday), 11:59 PM.

Please note that PI for shortlisted candidates will be conducted through online as per the following schedule:


Table 4: Schedule for conducting online PI

Schedule 1

02-04 March 2024, (Sat-Mon)

Schedule 2

09-11 March 2024, (Sat-Mon)

Schedule 3

22-24 March 2024, (Fri-Sun)

Candidates shortlisted for PI will be intimated through the email/ERP portal on or before 18 February (tentative) 2024.


Declaration of Results for Final Admission:

The final merit list (considering different criteria mentioned in Stage- II) will be published on the ERP of the institute, and the final offer letters for the first round of admissions will be released from 1st May – 5th May 2024.

Any dispute concerning Admission to the MBA batch 2024-26 would be subject to jurisdiction of the competent courts within the territorial jurisdiction of the city of Kolkata only.