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 Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM) was set up           What is unique
 as the first school of management within the IIT system in
 1993, with an endowment fund from Mr. Vinod Gupta, a          about MDP
 distinguished  alumnus  and  lifetime  Fellow  of  the
 Institute, and Founder-chairman of Info USA. The mission
 of  the  school  is  to  develop  outstanding  management     from VGSOM
 professionals capable of playing leadership roles in their
 chosen  careers  in  different  sectors  of  the  economy,    MDPs of VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur offers a unique taste of
 especially  in  technology-driven  and  knowledge-based       blending technology with managerial skill and knowledge
 industries  that  are  characterized  by  high  degrees  of   to introduce the art of innovating business practices and
 globalization, dynamism, complexity, and innovativeness.      help organizations achieve excellence in business. Most
 After  25  years  of  its  inception,  the  school  has  grown   importantly, all the programmes combines the versatile
 holistically, winning several accolades and setting up new    expertise of the faculties from various other departments
 benchmarks  for  excellence.  As  a  part  of  the  world-    of  the  Institute  including  Industrial  and  Systems
 renowned IIT Kharagpur system, the school enjoys access       Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Computer
 to state of the art infrastructure and one of the most well-  Science  and  Engineering,  Rajendra  Mishra  School  of
 equipped libraries in the country.                            Engineering Entrepreneurship and Rajiv Gandhi School

 The school offers two-years full-time course on Master of     of  Intellectual  Property  Law.  Our  faculty  also  offers
 Business Administration in Kharagpur campus and three         customized in- company training. Overall, the learning
 year  Executive  Master  of  Business  Administration         ecosystem  at  VGSOM  helps  executives  bring  fresh
 programme  through  its  Kolkata  extension  center.  Apart   thoughts  and  develop  a  new  perspective  to  the  way
 from  that,  the  school  offers  a  Ph.D.  programme  in     business is managed and practiced. So far VGSOM has
 Management for teachers and working executives.               organized training programmes for various organizations
                                                               including IOCL, Coal India, Reserve Bank of India, State
 The  school  also  regularly  organizes  guest  lectures,     Bank of India, LIC India Limited, ONGC Limited, Larsen
 management  development  programmes  (MDPs)  and              and  Toubro  Limited,  Uranium  Corporation  of  India
 training programs for educators. Our faculty members with     Limited, Indian Economic Service and Indian Statistical
 outstanding  academic  credentials  and  diverse              Service officers to name a few.
 industrial/consultancy  experience  in  India  and  abroad
 provide the best possible learning. Faculty members also
 contribute to the knowledge base through their research
 and  consultancy  projects  with  their  partners  in  the
 industry  and  academia.  Through  these  programmes,
 VGSOM faculty members share their expertise gained from
 their practice-oriented research. By participating in these
 programmes, a participant can learn effective handling of
 managerial problems, the art of doing business analysis
 and finding a creative solution.
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