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10  MDP@VGSOM  2019-2020                                                      MDP@VGSOM       2019-2020     11



 FEE AND VENUE                                                 FEE AND VENUE

 MS Excel is one of the most popular decision making tools   The  course  investigates  factors  influencing  the  optimal
 used  in  organizations.  This  program  is  designed  to   design  and  management  of  distribution  channels  with
 introduce participants to basic and advanced features of   Duration:  particular  emphasis  on  sales  force  management  and   Duration:
 spreadsheet modelling with Microsoft Excel. It will enable   channel designs for improving efficiency. The objective of
 participants to perform modelling and data analysis for   The programme is residential.  the  Course  is  to  provide  an  understanding  of  Sales   The programme is residential.
 management decision making.  Dates : 2- 6 September, 2019 (5 days)  Management,  with  particular  emphasis  on  sales  force   Dates : September 2 - 6, 2019 (5 days)
 The objectives of the program are:  Fee:                       Fee:
 Ÿ To  learn  various  functionalities  of  MS  Excel   INR 40,000 + GST  INR 10,000 per person per day + GST
 spreadsheet and VBA.
 The fees include course materials and working lunch.           The fees include course materials and working lunch.
 Ÿ To  use  MS-Excel  for  effective  and  interactive  data   TARGET PARTICIPANTS
 visualization.  Kindly refer to the last page for application and payment   Kindly refer to the last page for application and payment
 details.  The programme is open to Junior and Middle Management   details.
 Ÿ To use MS-Excel for modeling and solving managerial   Officials and Academicians.
 problems using built-in features and Macros  Venue:            Venue:
 VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur                                           VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur

                   TOPICS TO BE COVERED

 The course is directed towards (1) Junior and mid-level   PROGRAMME  Part A: Sales Management:   PROGRAMME
 managers  of  private/public  sectors;  (2)  Faculty  from   COORDINATOR(S)  Introduction to Sales Management and Personal Selling  COORDINATOR(S)
 colleges and universities; and (3) Students with minimum
 qualification of graduation.  Ÿ Relationship between Sales and Marketing; Sales
 Dr. Saini Das  related Marketing Policies                        Prof. Sangeeta Sahney  Ÿ Buyer-Seller Dyads and Theories of Selling
 Phone: 03222-281996 (O)                                          Phone:  03222-283866 (O)
 Mobile: 09589314556  Ÿ The Sales Process and the Stages of Selling  Mobile:  09434704688
 TOPICS TO BE COVERED  Ÿ Salesforce Management
         Ÿ Quotas and Sales Territories                           Prof. Kunal Kanti Ghosh
         Part B: Spin Selling:                          
 Ÿ Introduction to Excel Features                                 Phone: 03222-281832 (O)
         Ÿ Introduction to Spin Selling
 Ÿ Effective data visualization using Excel charts and            Mobile:  09830046114
 graphs  Ÿ The Stages of a Sales Call
 Ÿ Data analysis using arithmetic, logical, financial,   Ÿ Customer Needs: Implied and Explicit  Prof. Biswarup Ghosh
 date & time functions  Ÿ The Spin Model and the Spin Strategy: Situation
                                                                  Phone: 03222-281996 (O)
 Ÿ Data analysis using pivot tables and power pivot  Questions, Problem questions,   Mobile: 0958931455
 Ÿ Decision making using what-if analysis  Ÿ Implication questions, Need-Payoff Questions
 Ÿ Optimization techniques using Solver  Ÿ Evaluating the Spin Model
 Ÿ Introduction to VBA and Macros  Part C: Exercises and Assignments
 Ÿ Solving managerial cases using Excel.
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