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                                                            Since  its  inception  as  the  first  School  of  Management
                                                            within the IIT system, Vinod Gupta School of Management
                                                            (VGSoM  )  aims  to  mentor  social  cognizant  leaders,
                                                            entrepreneurs and managers who contribute to upscale
                                                            the skill of creation in world ergonomics. By the generous
                                                            support  of  distinguished  alumnus,  an  entrepreneur  and
                                                            philanthropist, a PhD Honoris Causa and life time fellow
                                                            of IIT Kharagpur Mr. Vinod Gupta whose words are ‘Learn,
                                                            Earn & Return’, this management school incubates brilliant
                                                            minds  as  outstanding  industry-ready  management
                                                            professionals, seeding the backbone of national economy.
                                                            The students here are exposed  not only to management-
                                                            prone  contemporary  participant-centric  pedagogies
                  Prof. Virendra Kumar Tewari               but  also  trained  in  multidisciplinary  attributes  that  are
                  Director, IIT Kharagpur                   characterized by prominence of globalisation, dynamism,
                                                            complexity and innovativeness. For a heritage that dates
                                                            back to 1993, the curriculum of VGSoM are modernized
                                                            and  designed  to  accord  with  the  latest  industry  trends
                                                            especially  in  technology-driven  and  knowledge  based
                                                            industries encouraging a unique need-based scholarship
                                                            to  its  students  with  the  sole  aim  to  ensure  access  or
                                                            deserving students to world class management training.
                                                            Well-designed education and training programmes with
                                                            full-time MBA, Executive MBA for industry professionals
                                                            along with training programmes and a unique educational
                                                            programme  in  collaboration  with  ISI  Kolkata  and  IIM
                                                            Calcutta,  called  the  Post-Graduate  Diploma  in  Business
                                                            Analytics  (PGDBA)  with  veteran  faculties  adhering
                                                            industry experience from various fields of management,
                                                            technology, sciences, artificial intelligence, data analytics,
                                                            law  and  social  sciences.  I  am  certain  that  the  latest
                                                            industry  convergence  will  boost  the  transparency  of
                                                            industry operations for the students of VGSoN who will
                                                            imbibe this holistic experience to establish themselves as
                                                            global leaders. Welcome friends, welcome to VGSoM!

               4  VGSoM   Admission Brochure 2022-2024
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