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The  management  education  has  spread  across  the   for working professionals. The School has a long standing
              countries by amalgamation of contributions from diverse   collaboration  with  a  number  of  leading  internationally-
              academic  disciplines,  such  as  science,  engineering,   acclaimed  management  and  business  schools  for
              sociology,   psychology,   economics,   accounting,   promoting  joint  research  and  exchange  programmes
              mathematics  and  law.  The  management  system  has   for  the  students  and  the  faculty  members.  The  School
              evolved  from  a  mere  quantitative  scientific  system  to   possesses  adequate  and  good-quality  infrastructure
              a  comprehensive  resource  management  system  using   including  latest  computers  and  software  in  different
              mostly qualitative techniques. The School, in its mission   domains,  and  library  facilities  catering  to  the  needs  of
              of  empowering  faculty,  students  and  researchers,   students  and  faculty  members.  The  School  facilitates
              focuses  on  fostering  entrepreneurial  ventures,  societal   the  introduction  of  new  educational  programmes  and
              development  and  development  of  IT-driven  tools  and   research/case development cells for meeting constantly-
              techniques,  IoT  and  data  science-based  approaches  to   changing  societal  needs.  The  School  also  subscribes  to
              address managerial problems.                      case  studies  prepared  by  Harvard  Business  School  and
                                                                others  in  various  management  areas  for  the  benefit  of
              The School has been offering a number of well-designed
              and regularly revised education and training programmes,   students and getting them exposure to global scenarios.
              such  as  full-time  MBA,  Executive  MBA  (EMBA)  for   Over  the  years,  the  placement  record  of  the  students
              industry  professionals  and  numerous  Management   and the researchers of the School remain excellent. With
              Development  Programmes  (MDP).  The  School  also   growing  illustrious  alumni,  a  strong  relationship  exists
              offers a unique educational programme known as Post-  among  several  industries,  multinational  companies  and
              Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA), jointly   the  School.  The  strong  foundation  thus  created  would
              with  Indian  Statistical  Institute,  Kolkata  and  Indian   help the School grow and reach greater heights of success
              Institute  of  Management  Calcutta,  Kolkata.  The  School   in coming years.
              offers a research program leading to PhD, for regular and

               6  VGSoM   Admission Brochure 2022-2024
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