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              Vision  of  the  school  is  to  develop  as  a
              centre  of  excellence  in  management
              education  and  research  catering  to  the
              needs  of  organizations  in  different  sectors
              of  the  economy  with  special  emphasis
              on   technology-driven   and   knowledge-
              based  industries  that  are  characterized  by
              high  degrees  of  globalization,  dynamism,
              complexity and innovation.


              To   develop   outstanding   management
              professionals and future CEOs, who will lead
              organizations especially in technology-driven
              and  knowledge-based  industries,  in  the
              service of the nation and community.

              Vivacity of VGSoM

              With  28  glorious  years  of  excellence  in  management   ensured no compromise on peer-to-peer learning and the
              teaching and practice, the Vinod Gupta School of   overall MBA experience.
              Management has a reputation of having one of the best   This  school  offers  its  student  fraternity  a  plethora  of
              cultures  of  pedagogy  in  the  country.  VGSoM  seamlessly   opportunities  to  showcase  their  talents  to  the  world.
              combines  managerial  competency  with  technical  know-  Students  of  our  school  have  proven  their  academic  and
              how to produce a holistic management education infused   managerial skills by winning various industry competitions
              with engaging corporate interactions and in line with the   such  as  Flipkart  WiRED,  HUL  Lime,  L’Oréal  Sustainability
              dynamic industry paradigm. A testament to this is the fact   Challenge  to  name  a  few.  Students  have  continued  to
              that  VGSoM  has  been  consistently  ranked  as  one  of  the   exhibit their mettle amongst the nation’s brightest minds in
              best Business Schools in India.
                                                                inter-collegiate competitions of national and international
              Despite  the  onset  of  the  pandemic  and  the  resultant   significance  such  as  Stocktrak-  Singapore  Management
              lockdowns,  VGSoM  with  its  technological  capabilities   University, FINITIATOR by ISB Hyderabad, SAMAHVA by IIFT
              swiftly switched to a virtual mode of education. With tech-  Delhi & PARIVARTAN by IIM Lucknow and others.
              enabled  interactive  classrooms,  online  leadership  talks,
              case studies, group assignments and projects, VGSoM

               8  VGSoM   Admission Brochure 2022-2024
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