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                                                            The  two-year  Master  of  Business  Administration
                                                            programme  at  Vinod  Gupta  School  of  Management,  IIT
                                                            Kharagpur aims to enable students to inculcate managerial
                                                            capacity  synergized  with  modern  and  industry-oriented
                                                            technical  skill  sets.  The  programme  is  designed  to  cater
                                                            to  the  graduate  engineers  and  Master’s  degree  holders
                                                            in  science,  economics  and  commerce.  The  programme
                                                            evolves  in  accordance  with  the  pace  of  change  in  the
                                                            business environment, to keep the learning relevant to the
                                                            industry and larger society. As the landscape of education
                                                            has changed in an unimaginable way after the pandemic,
                                                            the  programme  evolved  itself  to  incorporate  virtual
                                                            learning  and  continuous  evaluation,  while  retaining  all
                                                            the key aspects of the offline course – case studies, group
                                                            assignments,  live  projects  and  interactions  with  industry
                                                            experts. The faculty team for the MBA programme consists
                                                            of  subject-matter  experts  with  substantial  and  hands-on
                                                            real-world business experience. The addition of “Learning
                                                            Business Outside Classroom '' as a mandatory course saw
                                                            students work in close collaborations with entrepreneurs
                                                            and small-scale enterprises, and helped them gain deep
                                                            insights into the challenges and dynamics of operating a
                                                            The programme’s learning is augmented by a mandatory
                                                            two-month summer internship project, wherein students
                                                            get  the  opportunity  to  work  and  contribute  in  real-life
                                                            business  scenarios  that  occur  in  the  corporate  world.
                                                            The  core  subjects  under  this  programme  include  Human
                                                            Resource  Management,  Production  and  Operations,
                                                            Marketing,  Finance,  Information  System  Management,
                                                            Organizational   Behavior,   Economics,   Strategic
                                                            Management, Legal Aspects of Business, Business Ethics,
                                                            Quantitative  Techniques  and  Business  Communication.
                                                            Students also have the option to choose various electives
                                                            apart  from  the  core  courses.  The  electives  include  AI  &
                                                            Business Law, Intellectual Property Management, Change
                                                            Management,  Algorithm  Design  and  Machine  Learning,
                                                            Conflict  Resolution  and  Management  and  International
                                                            Commercial  Arbitration  and  many  more.  These  electives
                                                            are available to the students through various departments
                                                            of  IIT  and  they  encourage  students  to  pursue  his/her
                                                            individual  interests  in  greater  depth.  To  build  leadership
                                                            and  administrative  skills,  all  peripheral  administrative
                                                            functions in the programme are delegated to appropriate
                                                            student teams.

                                                                       Admission Brochure 2022-2024  VGSoM   9
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