Message from Director & Dean

Director's Message

Vinod Gupta School of Management, is a bright star among the several first-time initiatives undertaken by IIT Kharagpur in India or in the IIT system. IITs which were primarily known for their research focus in technology, witnessed a major leap in 1993 with IIT Kharagpur setting up a regular academic programme in business management. Today the School is ranked among the top five business schools in India by MHRD’s NIRF. Further, its tri-institutional postgraduate diploma in business analytics program is ranked among the best in the world.

The strength of VGSOM lies in the interdisciplinary set-up of IIT Kharagpur offering the students a career path oriented towards technology management. This is quite in the line of the foundational vision of the School. VGSOM has been constantly upgrading its teaching and learning experience as well through new academic programmes keeping in view the rapidly changing business environment and unforeseen global changes. Take for example, the assignment program for the students to address the pandemic situation through organization leadership. Similar other programs such as business analytics, fintech, investment-portfolio management, personalization in retail etc., were introduced by the School in the recent past to impart rigour of knowledge and understanding in cutting edge areas of different domains. The School has further set up collaborations with foreign universities through collaborative programs and internships to upskill the students in leadership roles beyond their usual corporate problem statements. The outcome is evident, not only in the institutional rank but also in the performance of the students in competitions in India and abroad, research and publications, and of course their placements. This proactive approach of the VGSOM is a key differentiator which led to the fast rise of the school among the so-called top business schools in India.

I hope together under the able leadership of the new Dean Prof. Pradip K Ray, the School will achieve new heights and give us more success stories.

Prof. Virendra Kumar Tewari
Director, IIT Kharagpur

Dean's Message

Indian Institute of Kharagpur was established in 1950. It is the first, largest, fully residential and the most diversified IIT. The first management school in IIT system “Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM)” was established in 1990s with the generous support by an illustrious alumnus, Mr. Vinod Gupta. The School have grown to its present level of maturity on its continuous path of improvement while imparting education in the field of management. With untiring effort, unceasing support, knowledge and leadership of its highly-qualified and devoted faculty members and motivated students and researchers, the School stands today as one of first five best-ranked management institutes in the country as per the NIRF (Government of India) ranking.

If we look around, we see that many well designed public and private systems do not perform as per the expectation of various stake holders and the most important basic cause for this can be attributed to poor management of these systems. Good management can effectively change the scenario with a global systems approach in management. Generation of well educated, socially responsible, broad minded and analytically skilled manpower in management is essential for this. In a broad sense, there exists four important rationales behind any management education: ability to use the contingency approach for solving business problems, combining the best parts of several solutions of a decision problem into a unique and better solution, introduce a global and universal approach of managerial problem-solving, and working with and learning from other people to make a holistic view of man management philosophy with inclusion of appropriate quantitative techniques. Creating a very effective teaching-learning process to make the students, researchers and other stakeholders competent in applying the tools, techniques and approaches required to address the issues and the problems in management has been the main objective of the educational programs of the School.

Management education has spread across the countries by amalgamation of contributions from diverse academic disciplines, such as science, engineering, sociology, psychology, economics, accounting, mathematics and law. The management system has evolved from a mere quantitative scientific system to a comprehensive resource management system using mostly qualitative techniques. The School, in its mission of empowering faculty, students and researchers, focus fostering entrepreneurial ventures, societal development and development of IT-driven tools and techniques, IoT and data science-based approaches to address managerial problems.

The School have been offering a number of well-designed and regularly revised education and training programs, such as full-time MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA) for industry professionals and numerous Management Development Programs (MDP). The School also offers a unique educational programme known as Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA), jointly with Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. The School offers a research program leading to PhD, for regular and for working professionals. The School has long standing collaboration with a number of leading internationally-acclaimed management and business schools for promoting joint research and exchange programs for the students and the faculty members. The School possess adequate and good-quality infrastructure including latest computers and software in different domains, and library facilities catering to the needs of students and faculty members. The School facilitate introduction of new educational programs and research/case development cell for meeting constantly-changing societal needs. The School also subscribe case studies prepared by Harvard Business School and others in various management areas for the benefit of students and getting them exposure of global scenario.

Over the years, the placement record of the students and the researchers of the School remain excellent. With growing illustrious alumni, a strong relationship exists among several industries, multinational companies and the School. The strong foundation thus created would help the School grow and reach to greater heights of success in coming years.

Professor V.N. Achutha Naikan
Dean, VGSoM


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