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VGSoM Students' Council (VSC)

The VGSoM Students' Council (VSC) is an elected Student body for the benefit of entire student community at VGSoM. Its Raison d'etre being the all-round development of the students and VGSoM as a whole. VSC acts as an interface between the student's fraternity and the college administration in identifying and addressing the issues & concerns. Facilitating the smooth functioning of all the clubs, committees and all other student run activities at VGSoM forms the major chunk of work for VSC. Other responsibilities include representing the students interest and participating in discussions and decisions that affect the student community at VGSoM.

Faculty In Charge: Prof. Biplab Datta

The following students may be contacted for further information on VGSoM Students' Council (VSC) :

2020-2022 Batch
Mukhlis Aziz Chawla President +91-9380052207
Adep Shreyas Madhukar General Secretary +91-8208438588
Aditya Bhardwaj General Secretary +91-9953912146
Shivam Chouksey General Secretary +91-9407281774
Nisarg Panchal Treasurer +91-9167406231
2021-2023 Batch
Aditi Samanta Vice President +91-9566193451
Akshunya Mishra Assistant General Secretary +91-7011031053
Aswin Kumar G Assistant General Secretary +91-8870097647
Suhas P Assistant General Secretary +91-9972900840
Shashank Sharma Assistant Treasurer +91-9717520827
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