MBA Curriculum

MBA (Masters in Business Administration), the flagship programme of Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSOM), IIT Kharagpur is a two year residential programme at the end of which, the students get placed with reputed companies and organizations in managerial roles. Some of them also start their own enterprise or nurture a dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the future. They are products of this Institute who are expected to bring about new perspective, knowledge of recent developments and trends, add value and contribute to the long term goals and vision of the organization they join, or in their own personal initiatives as entrepreneurs. The environment of business is rapidly changing all over the world, with unprecedented and unforeseen changes in economy, geopolitics, technology and innovation. Hence training future managers to better fit into the needs of businesses as well as to carve a niche for themselves in their chosen domain, the MBA programme needs to be comprehensive in breadth while imparting them rigour of knowledge and understanding in cutting edge of developments in their chosen domains.

Semester One

Subject Name Credits
Financial Accounting & Reporting 2
Cost & Management Accounting 2
Statistical Methods for Management 2
Management Information Systems 2
Production & Operations Management 2
Quantitative Techniques I 2
Marketing Management I 2
Business Analytics 2
Organizational Behaviour 2
Spreadsheet Modelling and Programming for Business 1
Micro economics for Managers 2
Business Outside classroom (Project) 1
Total Credits 22

Semester Two

22 credits are to be completed which includes 9 core subjects and 2 electives.

Subject Name Credits
Corporate Finance 2
AMRP (Project) 2
Supply Chain Management 2
Business Econometrics 2
Marketing Management II 2
Marketing Research 2
Resource Management 2
Macro Economics for Managers 2
Managerial Communication 2
Two Electives
Total Credits 22

Semester Three

24 credits are to be completed which includes 4 core subjects and 9 electives.

Subject Name Credits
Strategic Management 2
Summer Internship Project 4
Business Government and International Economic Environment 1
Organizational Design, Change and Transformation 1
9 Electives Courses 16
Total 24

Semester Four

24 credits are to be completed which includes 4 core subjects and 9 electives

Subject Name Credits
Comprehensive Viva 2
Business Law for Managers 2
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 1
Business Simulation Game 1
9 Electives Courses 16
Total 24

Department Electives

A set of electives courses belonging to various domains are provided by VGSoM. These electives can be chosen in semester 2, 3 and 4

Elective Name
Software Project Management
Security & Risk Management
International Management
Derivatives & Risk Management
Commercial Banking
Mergers, Acquisition & Corporate Restructuring
Fixed Income Markets & Securities
Consumer Behaviour
Sales and Distribution Management
B2B Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Retail Marketing
Supply Chain Analytics
Purchasing & Outsourcing
Product Analytics
Manufacturing strategy
Project Management
Organizational Leadership
Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
Information Systems Strategy
E-commerce technology & Applications
International Economics
Commodity Derivatives & Risk Management
Corporate Taxation
Intercultural Communication Competence
Management of Non Profit Organizations
Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility in Multinational context
Multinational context
Services Marketing
Technology Management
TQM and Six Sigma
Risk Management
Social Network Analytics
Banking & Financial Markets Analytics
Algorithmic Trading
Market Microstructure
Fintech and Alternative Finance
Block chain applications in Finance
Behavioural & Personal Finance
Management Lessons from Movies
Women Leaders in Management
Customer Relationship Management
Product and Brand Management
International Marketing
Rural Marketing
Advanced Marketing Analytics
Marketing of High Technology Products
Compensation Management
People Analytics
Logistics Management
Quantitative Techniques II
Digital Technologies and Future of Public policy
Time Series Econometrics
Actuarial Modelling
Banking Management
Working Capital Management
Strategic Cost Management
Business Valuation
Portfolio Management
Business Accounting & Investment Analytics
Integrated Marketing Communication
Marketing Analytics
Competency Management

Other Electives

The Students can also take a few electives from other departments of the institute, which gives them opportunity to study various multidisciplinary subjects from departments like Computer Science, Law, Humanities, Entrepreneurship, Industrial and System Engineering and so on. The courses which have been taken by students are AI and law, Intellectual Property Management, Change Management, Algorithm Design and Machine Learning, Conflict Resolution and Management and International Commercial Arbitration.

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