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Admissions Committee

The Admissions committee acts as an interface between MBA aspirants and the Institute. It works closely with the Institute authorities to set the platform for the Admission process both on the Front and Back ends. It also creates various channels for communication with the candidates at every stage of the Admission process to clear their queries and concerns and help them make an informed decision.

Faculty In Charge: Prof. S Srinivasan

The following students may be contacted regarding the admissions process at VGSoM:

2022-24 Batch
Deepshikha 9304261830
Arisetty Rajkumari 8889528718
Shivam Singh 9376219214
Ashutosh Jha 7985280696
Priyesh Deore 7697687948
Amey Lalit Nemade 8390170793
Arjita Mondal 7980425955

Alumni Committee

VGSOM Alumni Committee is a student driven initiative that serves as a link between the institute and its global alumni base. Through the different events designed we strive to foster an engaging, enriching and mutually beneficial relationship ensuring that the institute benefits as a whole from the same. Under its publication the Alumni Committee rolls out monthly, VGSoM Diaries, Kaleidoscope (Video Feature Series) and the annual magazine In-Sync. The other events conducted by the committee are VGSoM Mentorship Program, Connect and Reminiscence - A trip down memory.

Faculty In Charge: Prof. Chandra Sekhar Mishra

The following students may be contacted regarding the Alumni Committee queries:

2022-24 Batch
Parvathi S 9400864806
Shivam Singh 9376219214
Himanshu Das 8428367794
Shonali Sharma 8816096360
Aanchal Pareek 9530033365
Adwitiya Rahman 8240316354
Bisal Kabi 8249610042
Saumya Puglia 7568715870
Akash Jaiswal 9927732904
Loganathen T G 9790281707

Cultural Committee

The cultural committee of VGSoM is responsible for organizing and managing all the cultural activities conducted throughout the year. The committee facilitates a joyful transition of an individual amid the pool of students from diverse backgrounds. The committee conducts several celebrations like: Freshers', Farewell, Diwali etc.

The following students may be contacted regarding any queries:

2022-24 Batch
Agrim Kundan 9757237722
Amrit Vivekananda Sabat 7992899491
Bisal Kabi 8249610042
Ninad Vijay Bhagat 8094656580
Prerna 7530000160
Saavi Borkar 9422710644
Saurabh Narendra Nemade 9004554347
Shalini Das 9435283890
Suchita Ghosh 9176199131
Sumit 8950796085
Varun Mahirchandani 8385041111
Yash Chandak 9766699308
Pradeesh 9942478770

Purvodaya Core Committee

The Purvodaya Core committee is responsible for organizing and conducting the B-School Fest of VGSOM. Purvodaya is the amalgamation of 14 different events including case study competitions in various management domains such as Marketing, Consulting, and Supply Chain Management etc. where budding managers can put their mettle to test. Inauguration ceremony marks the commencement of Purvodaya, followed by Leadership Summit, where various eminent business personalities discuss ideas and opinions on the latest business happenings to inspire young students. Reminiscence is organized to invite alumni from the silver jubilee batch to share their success stories with the students and give the alumni a chance to relive their memories. Cultural Night "IBIZA" marks the conclusion of 3 days long fest. A band performance is followed by a DJ night in which people get together to celebrate the culmination of a successful event.

Faculty In Charge: Prof. Abhijeet Chandra

Contact details of Purvodaya Core Committee:

2022-24 Batch
Sarthak Bhagat 9990625002
Fathima Nishma T K 8590599419
Varun Mahirchandani 8385041111
Sakshi Agarwal 7278815850
Samanway Guha 7003615321
Karthik Sampath Kumar 9480218342
Sanhita Sen 8017319169
Karan Malik 9654486727
Pankaj Kaushik 9990127124
Abhishek Kumar 9315254400
Rokalla Dinesh Kumar 7036779620
Kolhe Sarvesh Ravsaheb 9588499700
Sahil Panja 9832040007
Abhishek Pandit 9875567305
Raghav Dhamani 9079309118
Aparna C Iyer 7401157390
Deepak Singh 8840854032
Saumya Puglia 7568715870
Anshul Kaushik 7017476103
Subhamoy Das 8116453309
Rishab Pal 9016980390

Sports Committee (Team Olympia)

The official sports committee of Vinod Gupta School of Management is responsible for conducting various sporting events like Racquets, Futsal, VPL, Senior-Junior Matches and online gaming events throughout the academic year to relieve the students from their hectic schedule of classes and competitions and engage them in fun filled activities.

The following students may be contacted regarding any information about the SportsComm:

2022-24 Batch
Prerna Singh 7983576886
Loganathen T G 9790281707
Chandanshive Rohan Rajpal 7738913326
Shubham Ramteke 9130651242
Abhishek Pandit 9875567305
Sri Dheepak R S 9942670720
Sarath R 9446295866
Pravin Surwase 9604388836
Chaitanya Mahadeo Chaudhar 7798091096
Ashutosh Patil 8788178938
Ceastro RN 7598034496


Spring Fest Committee

The Spring Fest Committee conducts several exciting events during the most celebrated event in IIT Kharagpur-Spring Fest. Student representatives design these events, manage huge participation during these events. Over the years, Spring Fest has become synonymous with IIT Kharagpur and among the student community not only in India but also in the world.

The following students may be contacted for further information on Spring Fest Committee:

2022-24 Batch
Shubham Ramteke 9130651242
Aditi Goyal 8556074060
Raghav Dhamani 9079309118
Arijita Mondal 7980425955
Sumit 8950796085
Sumon Maity 9163543751
Sumit Kumar Shah 8754220645
Sanhita Sen 8017319169
Rashi Jain 7000887586
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